Thursday, November 17, 2022

The boars are back in town - and @Mondoweiss and @TheIMEU have them!

Zionist pigs (according to "anti-Zionists")

The IMEU brings back one of our favorite stories of the Zionist Attack Zoo: that religious Jewish settlers raise (decidedly unkosher) wild pigs and release them to attack Palestinians and their fields.

Israel is using wild boars to strengthen its colonial hold on Palestinian land. Yes, you read that right. But how? 

Palestinian farmers have long documented the impact of wild boar populations, which dig up crops and destroy farmland. This has only worsened in recent years, thanks to the Israeli Nature and Parks Authority intentionally dumping large numbers of pigs onto Palestinian land. 

Aggressive wild boars have caused significant damage to Palestinian livelihoods, and have injured and killed many. This is the outcome of Israel’s colonialism, which endangers Palestinian lives by causing irreparable damage to their environment. 

Even Israeli settlers have been found to release wild boars onto Palestinian farmland as a form of abuse. These illegal settlers use the boars to pressure and intimidate Palestinians, hoping to drive them away from their lands and vacate it for illegal settlement growth. 

Thanks to Israel, Palestinians have been left with no way to protect themselves from the wild boars. Though Israel has no right to control the West Bank, it has turned large swathes of Palestinian land into nature reserves, making boar population control a crime. 

Israel not only causes environmental harm to Palestinian land, but is also weaponizing nature against Palestinians, turning the land itself into a source of destruction and violence for the indigenous population. 

Palestinians deserve to live free and to cultivate the land that their families have lived on for centuries. But under Israeli apartheid and settler colonialism, their connection to their land is under attack
Believe it or not, IMEU stands for the Institute for Middle East Understanding,

But then for additional reading, they link to a story this past week on Mondoweiss!

That article is just as ridiculous, and perhaps more so.
In 2005, in a village north of Nablus called Sabastia, the family of Jawad Ghazal was shocked by the murder of his 84-year-old father. Jawad and his father were picking olives when a wild boar attacked them, killing Jawad’s father and severely injuring Jawad. 
It was....MURDER!
In the past, wild boars have never been a problem in Palestine. Renowned Palestinian historian Mustafa Murad Al-Dabbagh mentioned in his seminal encyclopedia, Palestine, Our Home, that in 1943 there were around 12,145 wild boars in Palestine, located in Jabal al-Tur near Nazareth, as well as in the Jordan Valley, al-Hula, and Wadi Araba.  
Um, 12,145 sounds like a problem. 

It took me about two minutes to find that wild boars were damaging vineyards in Palestine in 1862:

This 1855 account discusses the wild boars in Palestine and surrounding lands, and notes that the Muslims would call the boars "Christians" by way of insult of that faith.

Thanks, Mondoweiss, for helping us document historic Palestinian Arab intolerance!

This isn't the end of Mondoweiss' litany of lies. Not even close.
Another significant reason for the spread of wild boars in Palestine is Israeli colonial practices — recent reports have indicated that settler-owned boars are being intentionally released into Palestinian villages, even though solid documentation has lagged behind. Others claim that the Israeli military is releasing the boars with the purpose of  destroying crops, the main source of income for many rural communities.   
Yes, professional soldiers are rounding up wild boars and releasing them in Palestinian fields. They must put them in bulletproof settler buses. 

Mohammad Hassan from Salfit has indicated to the Land Research Center (LRC) that he personally saw Israeli colonists unload wild pigs in the area of al-Ashara located between the city of Salfit and the village of Iskaka. Some of those I interviewed in the village of Aboud near Ramallah said they witnessed settler trucks unloading wild boars in the village’s nearby mountains.

Palestinian eyewitnesses are amazing. They see such cool things like settlers and the army trucking wild pigs throughout the West Bank, but somehow they keep forgetting to take out their mobile phones and take photos and video. Maybe they are hypnotized by Joo-Rays. 

Notably, hunting wild boars is out of the question for Palestinians. The use of firearms by Palestinian civilians is strictly forbidden by the Israeli colonial regime. 

Yeah, it is real difficult for Palestinians in the West Bank to get weapons.

And the rare times they manage to find M16s, they use them for shooting at Jews and shooting in the air at weddings, so there is no ammunition left for the boars.

The half-measure of constructing a fence or wall has also proven ineffectual, as pigs have demolished or jumped over them. ....Israeli settlements, of course, are mountaintop fortresses, and hence shielded from the boars. 

The boars can apparently distinguish between Jewish and Arab fences.

Using wild boars is part of an older Zionist imperative to colonize nature. 

Yes! Colonizing nature has been a Zionist imperative since Herzl. Or perhaps from the time of earlier Zionists like Choni HaMe'agel.

The article then repeats the lie that JNF planted non-indigenous trees that, this article claims, turns the ground to acid to destroy all other plants. It doesn't mention the name of the trees - the Jerusalem (or Aleppo) pine, which are indeed indigenous to the region. Whoops.

There is a lot of competition, but this may be the dumbest Mondoweiss article yet. 

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