Monday, November 28, 2022

NPR says bombs in Israel are "rare." They aren't, but the truth doesn't serve their narrative.

NPR writes:

Ben-Gvir has called for tougher policing of Palestinians. Here's what he told reporters earlier this week after a rare bomb killed an Israeli teenager in Jerusalem.
Are Palestinian bombs rare?

Not according to Shin Bet, which keeps track of them. Assuming pipe bombs (not firebombs/Molotov cocktails) here are the number of bombs they so far counted this year:

These are not "rare" events. There are an average of more than one pipe bomb every day this year.

If NPR was doing its job, it would have known this information and reported on it way before deadly bombs exploded in Jerusalem. 

And it is pretty obvious that the "rare" statement was meant to downplay Palestinian terror, and to avoid mentioning that this has been the bloodiest year for Israelis since 2015, and second deadliest since 2009.

(h/t Irene)

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