Monday, August 15, 2022

Palestinian leaders deliberately avoid condemning Jerusalem attack

In recent days, Palestinian leader Mahmoud Abbas:

- Offered condolences to Egyptian leaders on the tragic church fire
- Offered condolences on the assassination of a Fatah military leader in Lebanon by unknown people
Called three terrorist prisoners who were recently  released by Israel
Congratulated Chad's leader for its independence day, as well as those of Ecuador and Singapore
- Offered condolences to the families of three terrorists killed in Nablus by the IDF
Condemned Israel for its "continued aggression against our people"

With this busy schedule of statements and phone calls, his choice not to condemn a terror attack in Jerusalem that targeted religious Jews is not an oversight. It is a deliberate decision.

Because Mahmoud Abbas and the Palestinian Authority support, tacitly or explicitly, every terror attack.

The only time they condemn terror attacks is when they are pressured to do so by the United States. Otherwise, while they don't issue congratulations like Hamas and Islamic Jihad, they definitely don't issue condemnations. 

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