Sunday, August 21, 2022

Jordanian news site: Palestinians were the biggest victims of the Holocaust, and Jews are today's Nazis

This was predictable.

Columnist Hamada al-Farana at Jordanian news site Ad Dustor writes:
The Palestinian Arab people were the most affected peoples in the whole world from the results of the Nazi fascist European massacres against the Jews for several fundamental reasons:

Get out the popcorn. 

First, because we, as Arabs, Muslims and Christians, our culture does not allow us to accept collective punishments against humans, and to treat them with contempt, hatred, or hostility, on the basis of religion, nationalism, sect, or their positions and convictions.

That's great! That means that they do not hate Jewish Zionists because of their nationalism, positions or convictions!


Secondly, because Jews and Judaism are part of our Arab people and nation. Judaism is one of the monotheistic religions that complements Christianity and Islam, even if the diligence and diversity differ among them. The difference between Jews and Judaism on one side and the Zionist movement on the other, is the difference between Islam and Muslims from the two organizations Al-Qaeda and ISIS.

Well, only a slight contradiction between two adjoining paragraphs. 

Thirdly, the Palestinians paid a heavy price because of the Holocaust, as Zionism and the colonial countries of Europe exploited the Nazi massacres against the Jews, and worked to displace and resettle them in Palestine, and to establish a Jewish state for them on the land of the Palestinian people...

Fourth, and this is the most important, that the Palestinians paid the price of the European massacres of the Jews, so Palestine was colonized, half of its people were expelled outside their homeland, and they were subjected to displacement and exile, and massacres were committed against them. 

Yup. The biggest victims of the Holocaust wasn't six million Jews, but the Palestinians whose leader supported the Nazis. 

For these reasons, we sympathize with the tragedy of the Jews in Europe, and we reject, as Arabs, Muslims and Christians with the Palestinians, those Nazi fascist crimes against the Jews, just as we reject and condemn, at the same time, with the same force, the massacres of the Israeli colony and its daily crimes against the Palestinian people, including killing, destruction, persecution, besieging and starvation.

I like the "starvation" part. I haven't found any examples but it can't hurt to throw that in. 

 And just as the civilized international community did by chasing down the chased down the Nazis and prosecuted them for what they did against the Jews, the leaders of the international community and human rights institutions, and those with living consciences should try Israeli criminals in accordance with fair values ​​and human rights, and not to evade just and equitable punishment.

What the Palestinian President said, what he expressed, and what he meant, is the core of the bitter truth that needs to be addressed by the European and German people.
So we have Holocaust minimization, Holocaust distortion and Holocaust inversion, as mainstream Arab political opinion.

Hamada al-Farana is a former minister of Jordanian parliament and has been a member of the Palestinian National Council since 1984.

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