Wednesday, August 10, 2022

Gaza staged fauxtography 2022

As sure as the flower after the rain come the obviously staged photos in the rubble of any Israel/Gaza fighting.

Like these:

I don't know if the AFP photographer told the subjects where to stand, or if the Palestinian terror groups that run Gaza set up an event for kids in the rubble and called the photographers. (As we will see, it is probably the latter.) 

Either way, this is not close to spontaneous. It is staged for maximum effect.

The photos were taken in Rafah. Israel destroyed the building where Khaled Mansour, the Islamic Jihad commander for southern Gaza, was. The total damage is restricted to that building and surrounding buildings - less than one city block.

If you want to cheer up kids, why take them specifically to the most dangerous place in all of Rafah? Why set up a pop-up summer camp in on top of unstable rubble and exposed electrical wires, when you can move a short distance away and be in a neighborhood that looks like this?

And look at how many photographers there were to cover this story!

Photos like this don't reveal the truth: they are specifically meant to hide it. And the journalists happily do their part, to show Gaza the way Hamas wants it to be shown - and nothing else. 

(h/t Yoni)

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