Friday, July 15, 2022

Used to be, Palestinian terror leaders could get automatic throngs for demonstrations.No more.

Not too long ago, whenever Hamas or Islamic Jihad or Fatah wanted to fire up their people, they would put together a massive rally where tens of thousands could be summoned at seemingly the snap of a finger. 

Here's a Hamas rally from 2017:

An Islamic Jihad rally from 2016:

But on Thursday, The Palestinian Authority and Islamic Jihad held a rally to protest President Biden's visit to Israel.

And the turnout was pathetic.

Here was Islamic Jihad's rally:

And here is another demonstration in Ramallah:

In Gaza, with a captive audience, a couple hundred people came to a rally organized by several socialist groups.

It looks like it is not only other Arab nations who are sick of Palestinian leadership. 

Palestinians are, too.

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