Sunday, July 10, 2022

The BDS Cult protesting Israeli team at Tour de France

It turns out that the BDS movement has been energetically calling for the Tour de France to ban an Israeli team, with multiple protests at different venues of the event.

Outside BDS social media, no one has noticed.

BDS France has been spending hours on protests that are not noticed by anyone, at each stage of the event.

Their major "victory" was to paint their message where the cyclists would speed by at the start of the race in Copenhagen:

They placed a Palestinian flag on a beach adjacent to another stage in Calais on July 5, where again no one noticed.

In fact, they are planning protests every day at different spots:

July 8: 7th stage Tomblaine – La super Planche des Belles Filles, 176.3 kmJuly 9: 8th stage Dole – Lausanne (Switzerland), 186.3 kmJuly 10: 9th stage Aigle (Switzerland) – Châtel, 192.9 kmJuly 11: rest in Morzine12 July: 10th stage Morzine – Megève, 148.1 km13 July: 11th stage Albertville – Col du Granon, 151.7 km14 July: 12th stage Briançon – Alpe d'Huez, 165.1 km15 July: 13th stage Bourg d 'Oisans – Saint-Etienne, 192.6 km16 July: 14th stage Saint-Etienne – Mende, 192.5 km17 July: 15th stage Rodez – Carcassonne, 202.5 km18 July: rest in Carcassonne19 July: 16th stage Carcassonne – Foix, 178.5 km20 July: 17th stage Saint-Gaudens – Peyragudes, 129.7 km21 July: 18th stage Lourdes – Hautacam, 143.2 km22 July: 19th stage Castelnau-Magnoac – Cahors, 188.3 km23 July: 20th stage Lacapelle- Marival-Rocamadour, 40,7 km (individual time trial)July 24: 21st stage Paris La Défense Arena – Paris Champs-Elysées, 115.6 km
Each of these actions take hours to organize, all for a few seconds of shouting, as can be seen in this video:

One gets the impression that the point of these protests isn't so much to attract people to the cause, or even to garner news coverage. 

It is to keep their members in their cult.

Psychology Today describes how cults work:

Cult leaders want people who will be obedient to them and their rules. They look for ways to “break” people; they want people who will work hard and long hours for little or no pay. They want “willing” slaves.... When the mind is controlled, a victim may appear happy and willing to suffer for the profit or benefit of the leader/group.

For members, happiness comes from "good" performance within the group, along with elitist thinking—believing they have the "truth" or the the best way of life. But strict obedience is required. 
Cult leaders must spend at least as much time keeping their members from defecting as they do in attracting new members. To do this, they need to use mind control techniques, such as forcing their members to work hard at activities that keep them from thinking about anything else but their cause and having them engage in repetitive chanting.

When you look at these protests from that perspective, it all makes sense. Latent antisemitism helps recruit people to the cause,  but cult techniques keep them there. 

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