Tuesday, July 26, 2022

One of the earliest uses of "Israeli apartheid" was a book that defended suicide bombings of Jews

During the height of the second intifada, this book was published:

Yes, it was positioning the terror war against Israeli civilians as "resisting Israel's aprtheid."

This was written shortly before the infamous antisemitic Durban conference where the 'apartheid" slur gained currency.

From the forward:

You get that? A demand to stop violence is a recipe for more violence.

Because today's anti-Israel bigots pretend to be against violence, it is easy to forget that during the suicide bombing spree, these same people justified the most heinous war crimes by Palestinians. This book was part of that tradition.

It includes chapters written by Edward Said, Alison Weir, Omar Barghouti, Ali Abunimah, Hussein Ibish and more (the last two complaining that US media was sympathetic to Jews being attacked.) 

The "Apartheid" libel is not a response to Israeli actions. It is a justification for Palestinian atrocities.

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