Tuesday, June 28, 2022

Iran calls Israeli involvement in US Centcom a "threat"

As we've been reporting, the Trump decision weeks before his term ended to include Israel in Centcom has been paying dividends, as military cooperation between Israel and Arab states that it is not officially at peace with has been increasing dramatically. Israeli military leaders secretly met with their counterparts from Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Egypt and Jordan in March under the aegis of Centcom.

Iran has now officially responded to the news, and they seem unhappy.

 The chief of Staff of the Iranian Armed Forces denounced the Zionist regime’s participation in the US Central Command’s military activities and war games as a source of threat to the region, which he said would definitely trigger a reaction from Iran.
[Monday,] Major General Mohammad Hossein Baqeri slammed the Zionist regime as the root cause of interventions and instability in the region.

The Israeli regime has hatched plots in order to establish contacts with regional countries and achieve its interventionist objectives, the top Iranian commander warned.

He also cautioned that the Zionist regime’s membership in the CENTCOM (US Central Command) and its move to deploy equipment and participate in the war games would present threats to the region, adding, “We do not tolerate such threats and will definitely react to them.”
Iran's usual response to things like this is to ask Hezbollah or Hamas to start something up that will force an Israeli reaction that would upset the Arab world. But the terror groups have their own political problems - neither the Lebanese nor the Gazans want another war that only ends up hurting them. Syria likewise doesn't have the appetite to start a war with Israel.  Combined with  its economic crisis, Iran's leverage over its terrorist allies is much more limited than it has been. 

This is not to say that Iran cannot destabilize things in the region, but it has had its hands tied much more recently.

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