Sunday, June 12, 2022

Gunfire from Hamas to evict Gazans from their homes. Did you read about this anywhere?

Palestinian site Amad reports:

 Local sources reported on Thursday afternoon that there was an exchange of fire between Hamas security forces and residents of the Bedouin village area [in Northern Gaza], and that there were a number of casualties.

The sources indicated that the Hamas Land Authority demolished homes in the Bedouin village in the northern Gaza Strip.

Shooting took place in the Bedouin village at Hamas policemen while they were demolishing a house in the Bedouin village belonging to Tawfiq Abu Hashish.

According to the sources, there was intense shooting and a number of injuries, one of them seriously, they were transferred to the Indonesian Hospital.

Evicting people from their homes? Demolishing houses?  Using gunfire against a violent riot? 

When Israel is blamed for these things, they are considered the worst human rights abuses in the Middle East. 

When Hamas does them - there is next to no coverage in Western media. The only reason any Israeli media covered it at all was because some gunfire reached an Israeli community, causing slight damage and a light injury - to an Arab worker. 

When Palestinians do to Palestinians what Israel is accused of doing to Palestinians, no one cares. Not even the people who claim to be "pro-Palestinian."

Which proves, yet again, that practically nobody is really pro-Palestinian. They are anti-Israel. And since they only care what happens to Palestinians when they can blame Jews, they are antisemitic, by definition.

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