Tuesday, May 17, 2022

Nakba inflation - we are now up to 950,000 "expelled" in 1948

UNRWA camp in the Jewish quarter of Jerusalem, 1953

The official Palestinian Wafa news agency writes, "74 years ago, about 950,000 Palestinians were forcibly displaced from their cities and villages, leaving behind their homes that they locked with their keys, which they still have in their possession, along with some old papers proving their ownership of their lands and properties. "

Are we up to 950,000 now? Apparently that is the number being used this year.

Taghrib News (Tehran) writes:
15th of May is the anniversary of Nakba Day (Day of Catastrophe) for the Palestinian nation, a day which ended with expulsion of 950,000 Palestinians out of 1,400,000 citizens across 1,300 cities and villages.
Indian news site Siasat Daily says:
Sunday, May 15, marks the 74th anniversary of the Palestinian people’s catastrophe, which displaced about 950,000 Palestinians out of 1,400,000 Palestinians from their original cities and towns, who used to live in 1,300 villages and cities.
This, as usual, is a completely made up number. The total number of Arabs in the Green Line as of the date of the UN Partition resolution was 809,000 and 160,000 remained in Israel, meaning that no more than 650,000 could have possibly become refugees.

UNRWA released higher estimates in 1951, but even they admitted that Palestinian Arabs were abusing their system, with many Arabs who already lived in the West Bank claiming to be refugees to get free services and UNRWA including tens of thousands born after 1948.

I can't find any source for 950,000. In fact, Al Jazeera in 2003 said that the total population in the Green Line was 950,000 before the war (no source cited for that higher number.) 

As always, they just make numbers up. 

Often, the lies become accepted fact by a credulous West who cannot believe that people would lie so blatantly.

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