Monday, April 18, 2022

Two very short videos you won't see on CNN or MSNBC: Jews attacked in Jerusalem, Arabs stockpiling rocks while at prayer

Jews in the Old City of Jerusalem, walking to prayers, being attacked by Arabs on Sunday.

With a soundtrack made by another Arab who is thrilled to see attacks like this.

Which gets about as much coverage as when we see similar attacks in Brooklyn.

And with the exact same motivation: pure hatred of Jews.

Here is another video from Sunday. It was taken at the dawn prayer inside Al Aqsa mosque - when there are no police on the Temple Mount. 

And Muslims are praying right next to them, not seeing any contradiction between a place of prayer and a weapons cache.

Both these videos are taken by proud Palestinian Arabs. The same ones who say that Ramadan is holy and it is terrible for anyone to attack Muslims during that month are bragging about planning to attack, and actually attacking, Jews on Passover.

I don't think Mehdi Hassan or  Ayman Mohyeldin will mention this in their incendiary, lying depictions of recent events as Jews attacking Arabs.

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