Wednesday, April 27, 2022

Major BDS Fail: Tel Aviv partners with three Turkish universities

From i24News:

Tel Aviv University on Tuesday announced a new academic collaboration with three Turkish institutions amid warming diplomatic ties between Jerusalem and Ankara. 

The academic initiative is with Koç, Özyeğin and Sabancı.

"Every year TAU welcomes thousands of Muslim and Christian students from Israel and around the world, and we will be delighted to extend this collaboration to leading universities in Turkey as well. Academia is a bridge between nations, and a key to economic and social growth everywhere."

According to the statement, the academic heads said that without the breakthrough in diplomatic relations, the academic partnership would not have been possible.
It doesn't look like the BDSers have noticed this, or perhaps they are trying hard to ignore it. Because when Turkish universities say drop dead to BDS, that is a pretty serious blow to the Israel haters.

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