Monday, April 04, 2022

An Egyptian "expert" explains that the seven branch menorah has nothing to do with Judaism

It's Ramadan, and that means thirty-part Ramadan TV series being broadcast throughout the Arab world.

One series that appears to be very popular in Egypt is the supernatural thriller Al- Maddah 2: The Legend of the Valley. In this series, a man suffers from strange dreams that affect his real life and will eventually bring him to war with a demon (jinn.)

The show includes many puzzles and clues as to where it is going, and Egyptians are parsing it to figure out what every word or image means.

In episode 1, this was seen:

Fans of the show are  curious about whether this means that some Jewish magic or something is involved in the show. So Al Masry al Youm went to their local Jew-hating professor to ask what he thought it might mean.

Dr. Magdi Shaker, chief archaeologist at the Egyptian Ministry of Antiquities, said that the seven-branched candlestick is one of the oldest symbols of the Children of Israel, as it says after historical accounts that the seven-branched candlestick is one of the symbols and connotations of the hidden secrets of the children of Israel, including, of course, the arts of magic.

Shaker explained, in exclusive statements to Al-Masry Al-Youm, that the inscription of the menorah or the menorah with seven or nine branches, which the Jews took as their emblem, has no historical basis, and while the menorah was mentioned in the Book of Exodus, some attributed it to the Sumerians, because It is very similar to the shape of the sacred Sumerian tree of life.  Some attributed the candelabra to Canaanite origin, and then the Jews used it because they had no civilization of their own.

He continued: "The menorah has emerged as a Jewish symbol since the beginnings of the Roman era. It is a special symbol of the Roman civilization. As for the religious reference they relied on to link this symbol to the history of the Jews, it does not have any correct religious basis."

There you go. The extensive descriptions of the menorah in the Torah and Tanach are not original, and they resemble the ancient Sumerian Tree of Life, even though I cannot find any ancient trees of Life that remotely resemble the candelabra.

But Egyptian "scholars" as so filled with hate for Jews that they start from the assumption that Jews have contributed nothing original to world culture and therefore they must have simply stolen the symbol from others. (Shaker doesn't even know the origin of the Chanukiah!)

On a related topic, I have a must-read article from 2013 that notes that Muslims often put a menorah on their own coins, and the reason they did it fits in very nicely with their desire to subvert Judaism in all forms. 



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