Sunday, January 30, 2022

"Most Influential Arab Newspaper" says "Palestinian Holocaust" worse than ...The Holocaust

Ad Dustour is a pro-government Jordanian newspaper that was declared as the most influential newspaper in the Arab world in Industry Arabic's latest rankings. It is partially owned by the Jordanian government itself, so it will never say anything that goes against official government policy.

That includes Holocaust denial.

Columnis Rashid Hassan not only casts doubt as to whether the Holocaust actually occurred, but he parrots a claim that the "Palestinian Holocaust" was the worst calamity of the past century.

More than the Shoah. More than Cambodia or Rwanda or Darfur.

He writes about how Holocaust Remembrance Day is a cynical ploy by Israel to gain sympathy and distract the world from the real genocide.

While the hypocritical world - and most of it - celebrates the so-called “Zionist Holocaust” and makes a date for it January 27, we find this world ignoring the Palestinian Holocaust, which has been going on for 105 years... since the ominous promise... the Balfour Declaration of 1917 until today..

The Arab population in Palestine in 1917 was about 600,000. Today it is claimed that there are over 12 million Palestinians. 

Some "holocaust!"

Oh, and the UN spends  orders of magnitude more time and money on Palestinian issues than on the Holocaust. 

Certainly, this hypocrisy is linked to the major international conspiracy carried out by Britain, America and many Western countries to establish the Zionist entity on the land of Arab Palestine... and to displace its people in the four winds of the earth.

Of course, it was a conspiracy. Otherwise, how could weak despised Jews have defeated the combined warrior armies of the Arab world? 

Washington is behind the marketing of the Western world with a stick, in order to remember by force the so-called “Zionist Holocaust.” In return, the world must shut its mouth, eyes and ears from the Holocausts that the Palestinian people are exposed to, from the year of the Nakba until today. As the Palestinian historian Salman Abu Sitta says, "No people in the world have been subjected to massacres over a century like the Palestinian people... who gave more than half a million martyrs, and more than a million have entered Israeli prisons and prisons since 1967, and  7 million people were sentenced to displacement in places of refuge in the diaspora, while the other half, more than 7 million at home, suffer the bitterness of Zionist terrorism around the clock.. which desecrated trees, stones, and sanctities, and burned homes on the head of their residents.

Somehow, the Palestinian "Holocaust" didn't make it on Wikipedia's list of genocides. It must have been an oversight.

Half a million martyrs? By the most generous count, no more than 30,000 Palestinians have been killed in conflicts with Israel, and the majority of them have been militants.  And at the same time thousands of Palestinians were killed by Arabs (Lebanese civil wars, Black September, War of the Camps in Lebanon, Sabra/Shatila) and by fellow Palestinians (Second Intifada.)

The article goes on to curse the Arab nations that are normalizing relations with Israel. 

And this is coming from Jordan, which has been at peace with Israel for close to 30 years.

This is not unusual for Jordanian media. But perhaps it is time for Israel to tell Jordan that if this is the way the official government media feels, then perhaps Jordan should look elsewhere for water and natural gas. 

After all, Israel shouldn't want to make deals with a nation that trades with such immoral people as are described here.