Wednesday, December 29, 2021

Somehow, a Jewish state is apartheid, but Arab and Muslim states aren’t

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The Palestine Forum, a group of Palestinians worldwide, issued a statement saying they wil combat the Jewishness of Israel. According to them, the concept of a Jewish state is racist and apartheid.

It’s been quite a while since I did a survey of Arab countries’ constitutions to see how they describe themselves.

Country Description
Algeria Algeria, land of Islam, an integral part of the Great Arab Maghreb and an Arab, Mediterranean and African country
Bahrain The Kingdom of Bahrain is fully sovereign, independent Islamic Arab State whose population is part of the Arab nation and whose territory is part of the great Arab homeland.
Egypt Blessed with a unique location and history, the Arab nation of Egypt is the heart of the whole world….Egypt is part of the Arab nation and enhances its integration and unity. It is part of the Muslim world, belongs to the African continent, is proud of its Asian dimension, and contributes to building human civilization….Islam is the religion of the state and…the principles of Islamic Sharia are the principle source of legislation.
Iraq Iraq is a country of multiple nationalities, religions, and sects. It is a founding and active member in the Arab League and is committed to its charter, and it is part of the Islamic world….

Islam is the official religion of the State and is a foundation source of legislation:

No law may be enacted that contradicts the established provisions of Islam.

This Constitution guarantees the Islamic identity of the majority of the Iraqi people…

Lebanon Lebanon has an Arab identity and belonging.
Libya Islam shall be its religion and Islamic Shari’a shall be the main source of legislation.
Morocco A sovereign Muslim State, attached to its national unity and to its territorial integrity, the Kingdom of Morocco intends to preserve, in its plentitude and its diversity, its one and indivisible national identity. Its unity, is forged by the convergence of its Arab-Islamist, Berber [amazighe] and Saharan-Hassanic [saharo-hassanie] components, nourished and enriched by its African, Andalusian, Hebraic and Mediterranean influences [affluents]. The preeminence accorded to the Muslim religion in the national reference is consistent with [va de pair] the attachment of the Moroccan people to the values of openness, of moderation, of tolerance and of dialog for mutual understanding between all the cultures and the civilizations of the world.
Oman The Sultanate of Oman is an Arab, Islamic, Independent State
“Palestine” Palestine is part of the larger Arab world, and the Palestinian people are part of the Arab nation. Arab unity is an objective that the Palestinian people shall work to achieve.
Islam is the official religion in Palestine.
Qatar Qatar is an Arab State, sovereign and independent. Its religion is Islam, and the Islamic Law is the main source of its legislations.
Saudi Arabia The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is a sovereign Arab Islamic State.
Constitution: The Holy Qur'an and the Prophet's Sunnah (traditions)
Syria The Syrian Arab Republic is a democratic state with full sovereignty, indivisible, and may not waive any part of its territory, and is part of the Arab homeland; The people of Syria are part of the Arab nation.
Tunisia Expressing our people’s commitment to the teachings of Islam and its aims characterized by openness and moderation, and to the human values and the highest principles of universal human rights, and inspired by the heritage of our civilization, accumulated over the travails of our history, from our enlightened reformist movements that are based on the foundations of our Islamic-Arab identity and on the gains of human civilization, and adhering to the national gains achieved by our people,..
Tunisia is a free, independent, sovereign state; its religion is Islam, its language Arabic, and its system is republican.
United Arab Emirates

The UAE is a part of the greater Arab nation to which the UAE is linked by the ties of religion, language, history and common destiny.

The people of the UAE are one people, and a part of the Arab nation.

Islam is the official religion of the UAE. The Islamic Shari’a is a main source of legislation in the UAE.

Yemen The Republic of Yemen is an Arab, Islamic and independent sovereign state whose integrity is inviolable, and no part of which may be ceded. The people of Yemen are part of the Arab and Islamic Nation.


Essentially every Arab state defines itself as Arab and/or Islamic (a huge exception is Sudan.)

If a Jewish state is inherently discriminatory, then Muslim and Arab states are at least as much so.

Now find me the articles saying that Arab or Muslim states are “apartheid.”