Monday, September 13, 2021

Saudi Arabia's Muslim World League accused of being too pro-Jewish

Wikipedia says:

The Muslim World League is an International Islamic NGO based in Mecca, Saudi Arabia that claims to clarify the true message of Islam by advancing moderate values that promote peace, tolerance and love.

Because of the Saudi funding, the League is widely recognized as a representative of the Islamic principles promoted in Saudi Arabia.

The organization funds the construction of mosques, financial reliefs for Muslims afflicted by natural disasters, the distribution of copies of the Quran, and political tracts on Muslim minority groups. The League says that they reject all acts of violence and promote dialogue with the people of other cultures, within their understanding of Sharia, but they are no strangers to controversy, having been the subject of several ongoing counterterrorism investigations in the U.S. related to Hamas, al Qaeda and other terrorist groups.

However, since 2016, the Muslim World League has been widely recognized as one of the leading organizations in Saudi Arabia dedicated to combating extremist ideology. In its 2019 Country Reports on Terrorism, the U.S. State Department stated that the Muslim World League's Secretary General, Dr. Al-Issa “pressed a message of interfaith dialogue, religious tolerance, and peaceful coexistence with global religious authorities, including Muslim imams outside the Arab world,” as well as conducted extensive outreach to prominent U.S. Jewish and Christian leaders.

Arab news site 26 September is now accusing the Muslim World League of being way too friendly to Jews:

The MWL, led by a former senior official in the Saudi regime, announced that it had signed an exceptional partnership agreement with the Tony Blair Institute for Global Change, to bring together the visions of the two institutions.

The association indicated that it will work with Blair over the next three years to provide a global program to provide 100,000 young people between the ages of 13-17 with thinking and critical skills, in 18 countries, to meet the challenges of future opportunities, according to its description.
Sounds really bad!

The program will also work through networks of schools and education partners around the world to train more than 2,400 teachers in “dialogue skills such as critical thinking, active listening, and global communication, to impart these skills to their students, and thus the program will contribute to building greater mutual understanding, tolerance and trust between Young people and their societies, and correct perceptions of religious and cultural diversity.
Even worse!

The head of the Muslim World League, former minister in the Saudi regime, Muhammad Al-Issa, repeatedly promoted dialogue with the Jews and promoted normalization with Israel.

Al-Issa said during a conference organized by the American Jewish Committee (AJC) on issues of Judaism and combating anti-Semitism: We (Al Saud) are currently obligated to restore bridges of dialogue and construction with the Jewish community.

During the aforementioned conference, the committee presented Al-Issa with a prize for allegedly appreciating his role in combating anti-Semitism.

Al-Issa claimed that “while Jews and Arabs have lived side by side for centuries, it is sad that in recent decades we have moved away from each other.. There are those who try to falsify history, who claim that the Holocaust, the most terrible crime in our human history, is a figment of the imagination.”

He continued: "We stand against these liars, and I always stood by my Jewish brothers and said: This will never happen again, God willing, not to Jews, Muslims, or Christians."

In April 2018, Al-Essi visited the Museum of the Commemoration of the Holocaust, accompanied by Muslim leaders from more than 24 countries. American Jewish Committee CEO David Harris said the trip represented "the highest-ever delegation of Muslim religious leaders to visit Auschwitz."
Now we see the real problem. The Muslim World League officially treats Jews like human beings. It denounces the Holocaust. It takes a stand against antisemitism. 

No wonder some Muslims are upset!