Thursday, September 30, 2021

"Human Rights organization" founder decries "herds of colonists performing Talmudic rituals" at Cave of the Patriarchs (update)

This video of Jews celebrating Simchat Torah in Hebron on Wednesday is causing a great deal of angst from bigoted Arabs who believe that Jews should be banned from Judaism's second holiest site.

Al Jazeera catalogued some of the reactions to this video.

This tweeter that they highlighted said, "The sons of Khazar are dancing around the Ibrahimi mosque burial site of Ibrahim(pbuh) patriach of the Arabs. These European Jews who have no connection to our father Ibrahim(pbuh) are testing the limits of the Arabs."

The Khazar myth is an antisemitic theory that says most Jews aren't really Jews.

The Palestinian Ministry of Endowments and Religious Affairs condemned the celebration, claiming that "extremist groups used the Jewish holidays to desecrate the mosque through massive incursions, wearing religious clothes, in an attempt to perform Talmudic prayer and lying on the ground, deliberately provoking the feelings of Muslims."

Because why would Jews want to celebrate a holiday without deliberately provoking the feelings of Muslims?

But perhaps the most telling comment came from Ramy Abdu, the founder and chairman of the Euro-Mediterranean Human Rights Monitor, who has given statements to the UN. We've shown the anti-Israel bias of the organization, but his comment leaves no doubt that the human rights of Jews are of no concern to him.

Abdu tweeted, "At dawn today, with the support of the occupation forces, herds of colonists storm the Ibrahimi Mosque in Khalil al-Rahman and perform Talmudic prayers!"

To this "human rights expert," Jews in groups are not human, but "herds" of animals. Performing Jewish prayers (which are virtually all "Talmudic") is a disgrace. Jews do not have any rights to their own holy places. 

Dozens of responses curse the Jews for having the audacity of dancing - which is how Simchat Torah is celebrated. 

A human rights leader is inciting violence against Jews. And no one says a word about it.

UPDATE: This news site says that the Jews converted the shrine into a "discotheque."