Monday, August 09, 2021

A sampling of boycotts of Jews 1881-1920. They sure resemble BDS today.

Here are only a sampling of boycotts of Jews around the world before 1920. They have different reasons (when any reasons are given) but the bottom line is that they are simply antisemitic. 

The feel just like BDS does today. The last one I list is exactly like BDS today. 

Germany, reported in the St. Louis Globe-Democrat, January 9. 1881:

West Fork, Indiana, from the Gazette of Cedar Rapids IA, March 1, 1893:

Algiers, reported by Western Mail of Cardiff, December 9, 1898:

This is exactly like Fatah saying that they keep track of  and photograph Palestinians who shop at Rami Levy stores in Judea and Samaria.

France, reported in the Chicago Tribune, May 10, 1900:

Sounds lot like the extensive rules the BDSers have on what is forbidden.

Ireland, from Inter-Ocean (Chicago), May 8, 1904:

As always, instead of protecting the Jews, the Jews are told to run away "for their safety."

Odessa, Russia, October 1906:

Atlanta, GA, from Montgomery Times,. June 24, 1915:

Jersey City, from the New York Times, June 5, 1919, in an echo of the current Polish refusal to admit complicity in atrocities against Jews during the Holocaust:

And here was a justification for boycotting Jews in Europe, by pretending to care about a fictional Jewish boycott of Arabs in Palestine - this is pure BDS from 1894 reported in The Jewish Voice of St. Louis:

BDS isn't new. It is just like the boycotts of Jews worldwide for at least 140 years.