Sunday, May 23, 2021

The star soccer player who was also an Islamic Jihad terrorist

Last week, the president of the Asian Football Confederation, Sheikh Salman bin Ibrahim Al Khalifa, expressed his condolences on the death of Palestinian player Moaz Nabil Al-Za'anin, a player for the Beit Hanoun  football team in Gaza.

There were many articles in Arabic about how tragic it was for a promising sports star to be martyred at such a young age, killed in an Israeli airstrike, along with an apparent relative, Muhammad Awni Abdullah Al-Za'anin, and a friend, Muhammad Yusef Mahmoud Abdullah.

Now, Islamic Jihad has released a list of 19 of its members who were "martyred" during the fighting, and guess who is there?

Both of the Za'anins were part of the "Mujahideen artillery in the North Gaza Brigade" of Islamic Jihad.

Many of the people listed here were named in the lists of PCHR and Al Mezan Center - but most of them were not identified as militants by those supposed human rights organizations.