Friday, May 14, 2021

Palestinians in Lebanon building rockets

Three rockets were launched towards Israel from Lebanon yesterday. 

Hezbollah denied being behind the attack, and Palestinian factions told a Lebanese newspaper that they were behind it, in solidarity with Hamas.

Times of Israel says that according to Al Jazeera, they were fired from near the Rashidiya Palestinian refugee camp in Tyre. 

That does not appear to be true. That camp is some 22 km from the Israeli border and it seems unlikely that anyone in that tiny camp can build a rocket with that range.

Naharnet says that the rocket was fired from an area north of Naqoura, which is only a few kilimeters from Israel and much more likely. 

The smaller rockets do seem to have been built in the Rashidiya camp, though. The Lebanese army found three rockets near that camp. They were small, similar to the original Qassam rockets from Hamas.

The Lebanese people are not likely to warm their already chilly feelings towards Palestinians if the "refugees" try to start a war with Israel from their territory. 

And why do the Palestinians in camps in Lebanon need to build rockets, anyway? The only reason would be to try to start a war that Hezbollah would not be able to avoid joining; unless they think they need them for intra-faction fighting.