Monday, May 10, 2021

"Ethnic cleansing:" There are FIVE TIMES as many Arabs in Jerusalem today compared to under Arab rule.

One of the constant accusations hurled at Israel for protecting the rights of Jewish land owners in Jerusalem is that evicting tenants who don't pay rent is "ethnic cleansing."

Wikipedia's Demographic History of Jerusalem page is quite illuminating on this topic.

Before the modern Zionist movement, there were never more than 45,000 residents in Jerusalem. 

By 1944, that number had ballooned up to 157,000 - 97,000 Jews and the rest split equally of about 30,000 Muslims and 30,000 Christian Arabs.

Before Zionism, Jerusalem was a fairly small town.

In 1967, although Jews were banned from Jordanian controlled areas, the number of Jews doubled to  195,700.  The number of Muslims climbed during those years as well, to 55,000. And under Jordanian rule, the number of Christians were slashed by more than half - to only 12,500.

After 50 years of Jewish rule and supposed ethnic cleansing, the number of Arab Muslims in Jerusalem has gone up nearly six times - to 320,000.

(The number of Christians - who live in predominantly Muslim areas - have stayed mostly the same. They don't like to talk about it, but Muslim persecution of Christians is alive and well, as Christians have been fleeing Palestinian areas in droves to the West.)

What kind of ethnic cleansing shows the oppressed people sextupling their size?

The fact that the haters don't want you to know is that in no time in Jerusalem's history has there been as many people, with more liberty and more rights and more freedom to worship, as there has been under Jewish rule.

Anyone who actually cares about Jerusalem and even about the Arabs of Jerusalem would not want things to go back to how they were before 1967. Only pure hate would prompt people to insist that Israel no longer control all of Jerusalem. 

Because they sure don't care about human rights.