Wednesday, April 07, 2021

Founder of a "human rights" group sides with a kidnapper/torturer/murderer

Dr. Ramy Abdu is the founder and chairman of the Euro-Mediterranean Human Rights Monitor, a Geneva-based NGO.

The organization is viciously anti-Israel, but this tweet from Abdu on Tuesday takes the cake.

Yesterday we discussed Israel's release of DFLP terrorist Rushdi Abu Mokh, who was part of a cell that kidnapped, tortured, mutilated and murdered 19 year old Moshe Tamam. He was given a hero's welcome in his home town, and Arab village in Israel.

Ramy Abdu was also enamored of this terrorist, tweeting this:

Aw, the poor terrorist wasn't released before his mother died! How cruel that Israel kept a person who helped castrate and gouge out the eyes of a Jew in prison!

Needless to say, torture and mutilation and murder and kidnapping and hostage taking are all violations of international humanitarian law - but this founder of a "human rights monitor" has no problem with any of those things when done by a Palestinian against a Jew.

He only shows sympathy for the monstrous terrorist and doesn't even admit that there was a victim.

We already knew that the Euro-Mediterranean Human Rights Monitor has nothing to do with human rights and only uses that issue as a weapon against the Jewish state. But rarely do we see such naked hypocrisy from the founder of a human rights NGO.

(h/t Ian)