Monday, March 15, 2021

"Palestine is a feminist issue." Well, it is, but not the way that Israel haters pretend.

Mondoweiss published a word salad of intersectional nonsense that is also a petition that won't be sent to anyone.

The preamble actually says it all:

In the interest of advancing a truly intersectional and decolonial feminist vision for the U.S., Palestine and our world, the Palestinian Feminist Collective is urging others to join them in declaring Palestine is a feminist issue.
In English: "We hate Israel and we want to pretend to use feminism as a weapon against it, even though there is nothing remotely connected to feminism at issue."

The text is unintentionally hilarious:

For decades, Palestinian feminists have resisted Israel’s masculinist and militarized siege of Palestinian land and life. Since its inception, the Zionist settler colonial project has hinged on the expulsion of Palestinians from their homes and land, creating generations of landless Palestinian refugees. Zionist violence continues to dominate Palestinian lives in intimate ways. Throughout the homeland, Israel demolishes Palestinian homes, subjects Palestinian prisoners of conscience to systematic sexual and physical abuse and torture, and polices Palestinian bodies, sexualities, reproductive rights, and family life. Palestinians continue to affirm life in the face of the enduring Nakba (catastrophe), which takes place through deadly closure in the Gaza Strip, military occupation in the West Bank, legal designations of second-class citizenship in the settler state, exile in refugee camps and across the shatat (global diaspora), and denial of the right to return home.

We uphold the legacies of solidarity between Palestinian, Black, Indigenous, Third World feminist, working class, and queer communities who have struggled side-by-side within larger anti-colonial, anti-capitalist, and anti-racist movements in the US and globally. This stands in contrast to liberal feminist traditions in the U.S. that continue to weaponize feminist discourses against Palestinians and other marginalized communities by failing to confront the structural forms of gendered and sexual violence inherent to settler/colonialism, imperialist wars, racial capitalism, and global white supremacy. Liberal and Zionist feminisms rely on Orientalist discourses to silence and undermine the collective aspirations of Palestinian women and their co-strugglers, contributing to intensified political repression that criminalizes free speech on Palestine and Palestinian liberation.
Did you see anything here about how Israel is discriminating against women? Neither did I, or anyone else. It is a wall of buzzwords meant to make idiots think that there is a "there" there. ''

The ironic part, of course, is that Palestinians literally have laws against its women. Lots of them. 

I wrote about it at length last week.

Obviously, the "Palestinian Feminist Collective" is a sham, utterly uninterested in women's rights. 

Last year, a suspiciously similarly named "Palestinian Feminist Working Group" with a suspiciously thin Internet footprint wrote a suspiciously similar manifesto also on Mondoweiss. 

Hate of Israel is clearly stronger than actual feminism for these hypocrites.