Monday, January 18, 2021

Survey of British antisemitism: Extreme antisemitism is down, subtle antisemitism is on the rise

The Antisemitism Barometer 2020, which was commissioned by the UK-based Campaign Against Antisemitism (CAA), was just released.

Some of the specific responses to the questions look absolutely frightening.

While those who agreed with the antisemitic statement that Jews have too much power in the media went down from the 2019 survey from 14% to 11%, those who disagree went down more - from a majority of 54% to a minority of 42%. That is a very bad trend.

A similar pattern is seen on this question of Jews chasing money:

The number of explicit antisemites went down, but the number who oppose the antisemitic statement went down even further - from 54% to 41%, a huge drop in one year.

Another example where the extremist antisemites are decreasing but the moderate antisemites are increasing:

The number who are comfortable around Zionists plummeted from an already-low 41% to 31%.

And again, when asked if Israel has the right to defend itself from those who want to destroy it - a question that would be so obviously true for every other nation on Earth, but for Israel, the British are worse than ambivalent:

Those who agree went down from 58% to only 50%.

Here's a question where a classic antisemitic trope is re-phrased as an anti-Zionist one:

Only 30% disagree that Zionists control the media - in the land of The Guardian and the BBC.

Perhaps the most shocking result is this one, where only 20% of Britons disagree that Israel treats Palestinians as Nazis treated Jews - an absolutely antisemitic statement:

They must have gotten this impression from the Zionist-controlled media.

In a year where antisemitism was a big topic in the UK with the Labour antisemitism scandal, it seems that fewer people are willing to express explicitly antisemitic feelings - but the number of people willing to openly counter antisemitic is plunging.. 

This does not bode well for British Jewry.