Thursday, January 28, 2021

Palestinians quietly request 1000 vaccines. Israel quietly delivers. World keeps screaming at Israel.

Once again, the Palestinian Authority made a formal request for a batch of 1000 COVID-19 vaccines for health care workers.

Once again, Israel is providing them.

According to Ma'an quoting Walla, the delivery of the vaccines came after Palestinian officials requested from COGAT, the IDF liaison with the territories, an urgent transfer of the vaccines.

This is at least the third such transfer of vaccines. The first was earlier this month to the PA and the second was last week to Gaza.

Israel has also been coordinating with the Palestinians on importing larger quantities of vaccine from Russia.

Literally every time Palestinians ask for medical help from Israel, including COVID-19 vaccines, Israel has responded positively.

Yet 99% of the media coverage of the topic implies, or outright claims, that Israel is refusing to cooperate with them and withholding vaccines.

Perhaps this is why there is so little trust in the media nowadays.