Saturday, January 16, 2021

Just another antisemitic article in an Iraqi news site

From, an Iraqi news site that is also popular in Algeria:

The Noble Qur’an has shown that the Jews have many characteristics associated with them, and it is considered part of their deceitful methods and their intrigue in distorting the facts and their dealings with every prophet and messenger. ...And they kill the prophets, espionage, blocking the path of God, breaking promises and cruelty of hearts...Most of their events wreak havoc on humanity and their history is stained with blood and treachery. 

The Jews say that cats on the island of Ozil when they feel near the end of time rush to a specific cemetery to die in it quietly, and other dogs on distant islands also swim The ocean to this cemetery without prior knowledge of it and it dies there just as it liked to die in the same way as cats, and this was published by the Egyptian newspaper Akhbar Al-Youm on 10/21/1971.

... The bitterness in the modern era is not different from what the Jews did in Palestine in 1948, of the extermination, displacement and slaughter of dozens of pregnant women and the slaughter of sheikhs in the Deir Yassin region.  As for the series of their assassinations of nuclear scientists, their record of these criminal behavior continues, the last of which is the assassination of the Iranian nuclear scientist Fakhri Zadeh.

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