Wednesday, October 28, 2020

BLM protesters harass, attack Jews in Philadelphia

Here is video from the Philadelphia riots last night tweeted by Kitty Shackleford.

Black youths in the middle of the Philadelphia riots see a fewJews wearing kippot. One refers to them as "Amalek," which they do not notice. 

The harasser goes on. "Amalek, whatcha all doing down here? Do you live here? You know you aren't all real Jews, right? This ain't your fight!"

One of the Jews responds, "We are showing solidarity."

"We don't need your solidarity!"

Others join in, shouting at the Jews, "Get the fuck out! Get the fuck out of here!" A Jew is shoved as the crowd forces them out. As they leave, one shouts, "Revelation 2:9, Synagogue of Satan!"

Must be white supremacists.

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