Friday, September 04, 2020

Hamas media tries to spin Israel-UAE agreement as proof of Israel's weakness

Here is a very interesting spin on the upcoming Israel/UAE accords from Hamas' English mouthpiece Quds News:

If it is such a failure, then why aren't Hamas and their pals in Iran celebrating?

The logic in the article is even funnier.
On a grassroots level, the Palestinian cause is being received and adopted by a global, diverse, and growing citizen movement, where the Occupying Power can no longer hide its true face. By resorting to autocratic states, far-right populist leaders, and desperate self-negotiated deals, and peace treaties with no enemies, Israel’s colonial project reveals how much, underneath all its military might, it is weaker than thought.

This even after admitting that the Arab world has all but abandoned the Palestinian issue:

 Perhaps the only awkward fact in this story is the Arab silence, and the lack of an Arab response to the UAE’s normalization, unlike the Arab reaction to Egypt’s Camp David Accords, forty-four years ago. At that time, Egypt was expelled from the Arab League, and its headquarters were moved to Tunis. However, the Israeli-UAE agreement was met with no response on the official level by Arab states, apart from declarations by Kuwait and Tunisia that they will not follow the UAE’s steps. This Arab silence would never have been possible without the division of the Arab world and its drowning in endless destructive conflicts. 

But even that must be spun, and Palestinian honor restored: 

This speaks to the dystopian reality in which Israel can only achieve any normalization or acceptance of its colonial apartheid regime in the region, especially when all over the world, it is becoming increasingly discredited.

Hamas apparently chooses to believe BDS claims of victory, which may be the funniest part of all.

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