Friday, August 07, 2020

Tehran city council members warn of “hydrogen bomb” danger of chemical and fuel storehouses in the city



The head of the Tehran City Council budget committee, Majeed Farhani, warned Thursday of the presence of an oil depot in the Shahran neighborhood of Tehran, sayin  on his Instagram page that the oil tanks are "a hydrogen bomb built inside the city and on the earthquake line."

He said, "Every day, about 300 tanks carrying 30,000 liters of fuel are loaded from giant oil tanks …if one of the tankers or cars would have an accident while refueling near the tanks, this would lead to a series of explosions of the fuel tanks, one after the other, making in Tehran a catastrophe greater than Beirut."

The head of the Crisis Management Organization in Tehran, Reza Karmi,  stated on Friday that other large chemical warehouses inside Tehran posed a great danger as well.

He warned that there are two large chemical warehouses in the Baath and Shamiran areas in particular that posed a great danger to residents.