Wednesday, August 26, 2020

Not just fires: Hamas sending floating bombs to Israel

Yesterday, Anna Ahronheim of the Jerusalem Post tweeted, “An explosive balloon landed on a basketball court in the southern #Israeli city of Netivot earlier tonight and exploded near children. There were no injuries but damage to the court.”

The photos are chilling.





The bomb caused a crater on the concrete, and as you can see if you expand the photo, when it exploded it shot out at least a hundred potentially lethal projectiles over at a ten foot radius that also were powerful enough to penetrate the court.

Incendiary balloons are bad enough – forest and brush fires can kill and have destroyed thousands of acres of land. But these are bombs, deliberately sent by Hamas and Islamic Jihad to kill Israeli civilians. The damage looks to be not much less than what a mortar would do.

No nation would tolerate being attacked from the air with bombs that could land anywhere – schools, homes, playgrounds. And Israeli residents don’t have sirens to protect them from these explosives.

UPDATE: Footage of the explosion.

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