Monday, August 31, 2020

Another day, another crazed antisemitic screed out of Jordanian media

When looking at classically antisemitic essays in Arabic news sites, Jordan has far more of them then all other Arab countries combined. 

There is a fair amount of antisemitism in Iraqi media, and Algeria will publish some. Most Arab countries are sensitive to charges of antisemitism and will stick with writing about Israel and Zionism to avoid that accusation.

But the media in Jordan - a supposedly moderate, Western-oriented state at peace with Israel - is virulently antisemitic. 

I gave an example only yesterday of a prolific Jordanian writer for several major newspapers publishing an article calling for the expulsion of nearly all the Jews in Israel. There is no fear from Jordanian writers of crossing the antisemitism line - no one outside myself and MEMRI bother to mention their hate. 

Today's example comes from Abdul Hamid Al-Hamshari writing in JordanZad

The article isn't too innovative; it claims that Freemasons are Zionists who are planning to take over the world. 

It is in fact a sadistic movement whose main goals are to destroy religions and values, and to spread corruption in all its moral, economic and social aspects, through its multi-behavioral mafias, such as the human trafficking mafia and arms trafficking. Trafficking in doping and drugs, manipulating global stock exchanges through which it was able to destroy the economies of countries and bankrupt those who do not walk in their orbit and lead matters on the stage of world events, in order to serve the foundations of the global Zionist movement that seeks to destroy the international community and spread corruption in it and fuel conflict between nations and different countries, small and large. It plays its distinctive role in exploiting what is happening in the Arab region in terms of local and regional conflicts and foreign interference, such as Iraq, Syria, Lebanon, Yemen and Sudan, in preparation for the establishment of a Jewish government that controls the whole world according to well-drawn plans and programs that take into account secrecy and covenants.

Once again, I point out that the antisemitic article is not the real story. The real story is the absolute absence of any Jordanian writer, politician or pundit to call out these idiots as the bigots and ignoramuses they are. Millions of Jordanians have their minds poisoned by the world's oldest hatred and no one - even Western-educated Jordanians, such as the King himself - is at all bothered by this. 

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