Wednesday, July 29, 2020

The end of Yemenite Jewry

The Houthi rebels in Yemen are proud of their Jew-hate. Their slogan and flag says “Damn the Jews.”



I’ve been posting about Arabic-language reports on the last remaining Jews in Yemen being forced out of the country – jailed, pressured to sell their possessions for a song to the Houthis, and sent away.


Israel’s Foreign Ministry denied the reports two weeks ago, but the Arabic articles are unusually detailed. This article from Aden-TM and Yemen Akhbar lists every remaining Jew in Yemen.

The last two Jewish Yemeni families are waiting for deportation from the areas controlled by the Houthi militia, after another group of Jews  left them under the pressure and threats of the militia, which will make Yemen, for the first time in its modern history, devoid of the adherents of Judaism, with the exception of four individuals residing in the countryside of my province Imran and Sanaa.

Two days ago, the rest of the family of Saeed Al-Naati, who was forcibly deported to an Arab country, left when the rest of the family members, the man's wife and son, sold the remainder of their property to them in the Rayda area of ​​Amran and Sana'a governorates.

With this batch leaving the Houthi-controlled areas, the only members of the Jewish community that will remain in the tourist city in Sana'a are the families of the brothers Suleiman Musa Salem and Sulaiman Yahya Habib, and the family of Salem Musa Mara’bi who moved to the complex owned by the Ministry of Defense near the US embassy building in 2007 after the Houthis assaulted them and looted their homes and all their vehicles and equipment in the Ghurair Al Salem area in the Kataf district of Saada governorate. (Also?) a woman lives with her brother in the Rayda district, and a man and his wife live in the Arhab district of the Sana'a governorate.

According to what one of the Jews said, the remaining two families are also ready to leave because it is difficult for them to survive after most of the followers of the Judaism left, with most of their relatives. The rest of the sect is ready to leave the country to avoid harrassment, to preserve the safety of their lives, and to obtain the release of the young Levi Salem, who suffered a stroke and paralysis in the Houthi prisons, despite his acquittal of the charges against him by the court.

It is with sadness and grief that the source says: “It is now clear that the Houthis want to deport the rest of the Jews, and prevent them from selling their properties at their real prices, and we are surprised that the international community and local and international human rights organizations have remained silent towards the process of forced deportation and forcing the Jews to leave their country and prevent them from disposing of their property.”

The Yemenite Jewish community has been there continuously for well over 2000 years; according to some they have been there from as far back as 1451 BCE, during the times of the First Temple.

It looks like this is really the end of the Yemenite Jewish community that had been there for over 2000 years (according to some, they’ve been there since the First Temple period.)

The loss of the Jews of Yemen is incalculable.