Sunday, July 12, 2020

Nothing is eternal, except antisemitism

This tweet has been shared by the usual Arab and leftist Jewish crowd:





Now, why can one not take a train from Alexandria to Haifa nowadays? Israel and Egypt have had a peace agreement for over 40 years now. What’s the issue?

The issue is Arab antisemitism. Israel would welcome such a train ride, and happily allow it to go into Jordan and Saudi Arabia too.

Everyone knows this.

But the commenters are somehow pretending that Israel is the problem:



No one, net least the Jewish socialists who retweeted this, even considers that Israel is not the obstacle here – it is Arab hate for Jews. It is axiomatic to them that no Arab nation could possibly allow a train line to the Jewish state. But their minds cannot quite take the next step to ask why that is.

The train line used to go from Alexandria through Palestine to Aleppo, Syria and on to Baghdad, Iraq.  More recently, Israel has been talking about a railway that could link Saudi Arabia with Haifa, resurrecting the old Hejaz Railway.



Israel sure isn’t opposed to such a railway.

This tiny thread shows, yet again, that the obstacle to peace isn’t Israel. It is Arab antisemitism.

Perhaps, as the last person posted, nothing is eternal, but antisemitism seems as enduring as the stars.