Tuesday, July 07, 2020

Anti-Jewish crime in NYC dwarfs anti-Black crime

Here are the NYPD statistics on anti-Black, anti-Muslim and anti-Jewish hate crime complaints since 2017, the first year the NYPD started keeping these statistics.

And here are the statistics for arrests for hate crimes by motivation:
nypd arrests

One has to be careful about drawing direct conclusions from these. It is possible that blacks do not report anti-black graffiti nearly as often as Jews might report antisemitic graffiti, for example. But one cannot escape the impression that antisemitic incidents are downplayed compared to their frequency.
Does this mean that there is systemic antisemitism in New York? I don’t think so, but the word “systemic” is being batted around a lot nowadays as if it is obvious, and these statistics indicate that antisemitism is more prevalent and widespread in New York than any other bias by any measure.
In fact, anti-Jewish crimes come from all corners – some years there are more white attackers, some years more black ones. Last year 13% of the antisemitic crimes were done by Asians, but zero from Hispanics (who one would think would have identical grievances as Blacks do against Jews.)
That is equal opportunity hate.
And here’s an amazing statistic: there more more arrests for anti-Muslim crimes than there were complaints over these three years: 42 complaints and 49 arrests. For Jews it was 579 complaints and 139 arrests. So it appears that the police take anti-Muslim crime very seriously, and anti-Jewish crime not nearly as much, the exact opposite of the impression one gets from the media.