Monday, June 22, 2020

The full Roger Waters interview at Shehab News

Here is the full interview of antisemitic, washed up rock star Roger Waters at Hamas-linked Shehab News.

Some lowlights that were not covered in the portions excerpted by MEMRI:

2:30 he says that BDS was started by "Palestinian civil society," a lie.

Around 7:15 he says "Israelis pay huge amounts of money to artists to whitewash their  apartheid racist regime." So now Israeli concert promoters aren't interested in making money?

Around 10:00 he invokes Menachem Begin while talking about Oslo, and says that Begin managed to hoodwink the world. Given that he gave up a great deal of territory for peace with Egypt, it sounds like Waters is anti-peace.

Around 15:10 he claims that Israel is against human rights.

Around 15:40 he makes the absurd claim that for 72 years, most of Palestinian "resistance" has been "largely non-violent."

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