Tuesday, April 07, 2020

The coronavirus proves the UN's irrelevance

AFP reports that the UN Security Council will meet about the coronavirus on Thursday, via videoconference.

This will be their first meeting on the topic.

Infighting has caused the delays, as China and Russia have been insisting that any such meeting should only talk about countries involved in a conflict and not the entire world. They seem to be echoing South Africa which believes that the UNSC is meant for security issues and the coronavirus is a "health" issue.

Why something killing tens of thousands of people isn't considered a security issue is a mystery.

The US isn't helping matters, according to the story, insisting that any meeting or statement mention that the virus originated in China. While this is true, it is unclear what such an admission accomplishes.

The UN General Assembly, amazingly, didn't talk about COVID-19 until last week, when it adopted by consensus a resolution calling for "international cooperation" and "multilateralism" in the fight against the virus - weeks after the UN building itself was evacuated because of the pandemic.

Science fiction writers have said that the only way to unify all nations on Earth is to have the planet face an overwhelmingly powerful enemy from outer space. The coronavirus is conceptually very close to that alien enemy, but the world remains as divided as ever.

The UN has proven itself to be utterly unable to show any leadership in the face of an invisible enemy that does not distinguish between nations, races or creeds. Its failure here to even schedule meetings or issue timely statements proves its irrelevance for anything.

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