Friday, March 13, 2020

Palestinians continue to shoot guns at Jews. Media yawns.

Arutz-7 reports:

Terrorists opened fire at an Israeli vehicle near Hadoar junction in the Talmonim bloc of the Binyamin region on Thursday night.

No one was injured.

The driver, a resident of the western Binyamin region, continued driving toward the community of Na'ale, where he reported the incident to the IDF and police.

At least 9 bullets were fired at the vehicle, causing it damage.

Security forces are searching the area in an attempt to locate the terrorists.

This is about story number 30 on the Arutz-7 website. It isn't reported at all even in most Israeli media.

Other sources say there were 12 bullet holes in the car.

These aren't a few rocks. These are bullets.

And it happens more often than you think - because the media ignores the constant terror attacks that, thankfully, do not cause serious injuries or deaths.

For example, a week or so ago, a bus was shot near Alfei Menashe. Arabic sites trumpet these events while Israeli and world Jewish news websites aren't even aware of them!

For people who control the media, we are doing a pretty bad job.

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