Tuesday, March 17, 2020

Iran arrests people who made funny "raining eggplants" video

Someone made a video using special effects to make it appear that it was raining eggplants in Tehran.

It's pretty funny.

So, naturally, Iran arrested those responsible.

"The video showing an eggplant falling in the capital was published on social media on Sunday, and the police immediately identified the creators of the video, and arrested them," said police official Ali Zolgadir.

He continued, "The video's creators admitted that they were conducting research on special visual effects, but one of the videos was mistakenly posted on social media."

Zolgadir also stated that the video producers "confirmed that they did not belong to a secret group or movement".

Iran's IRNA news agency revealed that the video was created by Amin Taqibour, an Iranian who lives in Canada and works with Hollywood film producers on special effects. The young man was on a visit to Iran to attend his father's burial, but his return trip was canceled due to the outbreak of Coronavirus.

I don't know what the charges are.

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