Sunday, March 08, 2020

Anti-Zionism is antisemitism, example 2851

The first paragraph of an article in Algeria's Shourouk News:

World Zionism is a reality - a real force present in its actions, plans, effects, propaganda, intentions and goals .. It organizes groups of people who are known since ancient times in history, and in all books of law, for their ruthlessness and cruelty ... rebellion and disobedience ... they did not know in their history anything like loyalty or devotion to obedience to those who take charge of their affairs .. even their prophets .... and in all the societies in which they lived there appeared their isolation and partisanship .. and their uniqueness in residing in private places and neighborhoods .. and their specialty was blackmailing the nation's money, with  greed and exploitation .. They seek the help of their fifth columns, who manage their affairs for them in every country and in every field .. and work - secretly from behind the curtain - nurtured by the fanaticism of the hatre for the whole world.
Either Zionists have been around since the time of the Prophets, or they are talking about Jews.

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