Wednesday, March 04, 2020

ANOTHER Bernie Sanders staffer who wants to see the Jewish state disappear

Alison Mortell, the Deputy National Analytics Director for Bernie Sanders according to her Twitetr bio, has tweeted this joke:

Isn't the concept of a place for Jews to be safe from slaughter hilarious?

Mortell doesn't like the idea of a Jewish state. 

This thread shows how utterly uninformed she is- and she even justifies Palestinian terror.

 Mortell claims she is against any "ethnostate" but she only seems to care about the existence of the one that happens to be Jewish.

Can anyone find a single person working on the Sanders campaign that agrees with Sanders saying that he supports Israel's existence? Because every single person we are aware of that is working for him is against the existence of a Jewish state altogether.

And Bernie doesn't even try to tell them otherwise.

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