Tuesday, February 04, 2020

Yemen news site: Kick out Jewish monkeys from Middle East to Russia

Cratersky, a Yemeni news site, says that it has the solution to the Middle East conflict:

Ethnically cleanse the Jews from the region and send them all to Birobidzhan, the Soviet Union's old "Jewish Autonomous Oblast" in far-eastern Russia on the Chinese border.

The writer, Mansour Al-Alhi, helpfully adds that the thousand Jews who still live there from the old days already speak the language of the Jews - Yiddish.

In case you aren't 100% certain that a plan to expel all Jews from the Middle East is antisemitic, Al-Alhi also says, "And the American pig and the Israeli monkey must think about a just plan to deport their Jews from the Arab lands in peace before they are deported by the sword."

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