Monday, February 03, 2020

Abbas rejecting the Triangle is more proof his goal is the end of Israel

One of the stranger aspects of the Peace to Prosperity plan was where it floated the suggestion that the Israeli Arab communities in the so-called "Triangle" section of central Israel could be transferred to Palestinian control.

The residents of the Triangle rejected the idea immediately. And so did Netanyahu's office.

But the response from Mahmoud Abbas is worth examining. He rejected it as well, saying "We know the purpose of this proposal and we will not accept it."

If Abbas wants a viable Palestinian state, why would he reject the lands and "Palestinians" that would come with it, taking away land from Israel?

The reason is the same reason he insists that the "Right of Return" is part of any agreement. He wants Israel to become more than 50% Arab so the Jewish state can die and be replaced with another Palestinian state.

The welfare and strength of his own state is not a concern for him. Abbas is not a leader of a state in waiting - a leader would do what was best for his people. To Abbas, and virtually all of the leaders of the Palestinian Arabs in history, every single decision must conform with one rule: that it can eventually lead to the end of Israel as a Jewish state. 

There is no other justification for Abbas to reject an offer of highly educated and trained Arabs, along with their land.

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