Sunday, February 02, 2020

Abbas brandishes The Map That Lies at Arab League - but it is missing the fifth map

During the Arab League meeting, Mahmoud Abbas showed off The Map That Lies:

This is the map that Israel haters love to show off that completely misrepresents history, as I have explained in detail elsewhere.

It is not surprising that a known serial liar will push the Map That Lies.

What is funny, though, is that no one who pushes that map will ever add another frame to it, comparing areas controlled by the Palestinians today with what they would control under the Trump plan. Because the Trump Plan roughly triples the amount of land under Palestinian control!

If the point of the Map That Lies is to show how much land Palestinians supposedly lost over time (of course, this is a lie, since under Oslo is the first time they ever controlled any land), then the Trump Plan shows how they can do much, much better - if they wanted to negotiate instead of just say no to everything.

(h/t Adam L)

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