Tuesday, January 28, 2020

Hamas newspaper upset that David Friedman did "Talmudic prayers" on Netanyahu's plane

Felesteen, a Hamas newspaper, writes:

A video circulated showing that the American ambassador to the Occupying Power, who the Palestinians call "the settlement ambassador", or "the settler ambassador", David Friedman, traveled on the plane of the Israeli occupation government president [sic], Benjamin Netanyahu, on his trip to Washington to meet with President Trump.

The video showed that Friedman, who was famous for encouraging settlements by raising millions of dollars in favor of building settlements in the occupied West Bank, was performing Talmudic prayers on a Netanyahu plane, during the trip from "Tel Aviv" to Washington.
The video was at Yeshiva World News:

Why is this even a story?

Palestinians have always been far more frightened of religious Jews than secular Jews. They know that religious Jews are the ones who have emotional ties to the Land of Israel. Just as they use religion to scare gullible Westerners, they are scared of Judaism that pre-dates Islam and whose ties to the land also pre-date Islam.

They think they can win arguments based on international law or recent history but they know that in terms of religion and the emotional ties to the land, they fall way short.

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