Sunday, October 06, 2019

Now Israel is blamed for environmental damage to Jerusalem

In the tradition of using any and every possible reason to condemn Israel, a meeting of Arab environmental ministers this weekend in Morocco claimed that Israel was polluting Jerusalem.

The Eighth Islamic Conference of Environment Ministers declared Jerusalem as a "permanent and environmentally friendly capital for the Islamic world" at the end of its session held in Rabat.

The conference was organized by the Islamic Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (ISESCO.)

The Palestinian representative said, "We have presented a detailed picture of the Palestinian environmental situation and the systematic targeting of the city of Jerusalem and its exposure to the process of Judaization, aimed at stealing its history, heritage, civilization, and the environment of a people and turn it for the benefit of other people alien to it, in the strangest environmental destruction known to the world."

What exactly does this have to do with the environment? Nothing. Just invoking "Judaization" of Jerusalem excuses any accusation against Israel.

In a related story, the Amman International Book Fair ended yesterday. Its theme was ""Jerusalem al-Quds: The Capital of Palestine."

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