Monday, September 02, 2019

Amnesty breaks its own rules on how to avoid stereotyping people

Amnesty International made a short video about how to avoid being racist (and Islamophobic) and how to call out when others act that way:

I want to concentrate on #4, Watch Your Language, about how grouping people together can fuel stereotypes and strip people of their humanity.

There is a major exception to this rule, that every progressive and woke person seems to happily violate, all the time.

Here's a quick look at a search on Amnesty's site for the word "settler" used in the context of Israel.

Jewish residents of Judea and Samaria are a monolith of rowdy gangs who attack Arabs for no reason and steal land. They are never humanized - even in the rare instances that Amnesty condemns an attack on a settler, it is combined with an Amnesty attack on settlers themselves (using a "both sides must avoid violence" formulation that never occurs when Jews can be blamed alone.) 

Settlers are stereotyped, demonized and scapegoated all the time - without looking at their point of view, without differentiating between religious or secular or even mentioning the many Arab Israelis who have also moved across the Green Line. 

Amnesty won't change, and neither will the self righteous progressives who are quick to accuse others of bigotry and who remain stubbornly blind to their own.

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