Thursday, August 01, 2019

Palestinians blame Israel for @UNRWA corruption expose

Member of the Executive Committee of the PLO  and Head of the PLO's Department of Refugee Affairs Ahmed Abu Houli accused Israel of being behind the recent leak of an expose showing corruption in the highest levels on UNRWA.

Next month, the UN is going to vote to extend UNRWA's mandate for three more years, and Abu Houli sees a conspiracy.

"The leaking of the UN investigation report before reaching the final decision is an open attempt to weaken UNRWA and keep donors from supporting and influencing the voting process for renewal," Abu Houli said in a radio interview.

Abu Houli added, "The US and Israeli campaign targeting UNRWA and the leaking of the report  facilitates the efforts of the United States and Israel to end UNRWA, and the United States is pressing countries to withdraw funding."

The Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine warned of attempts to use the United States and "the Zionist entity" to liquidate UNRWA and "eliminate a historical and legal witness to the plight of the Palestinian people."

Dr. Bassem Naim of Hamas said that no Palestinian can accept corruption in UNRWA but agreed that the timing was suspicious.

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