Tuesday, July 23, 2019

More and more, Jews are praying on the Temple Mount without being stopped

I reported in March that I was surprised and honored to have been part of a minyan, a prayer quorum, while visiting the Temple Mount.

For over five minutes, we prayed quietly and even answered Amen to a public Kaddish. The Waqf guards watched but did not interfere.

This has been happening more and more lately. The Jews, when circling the mount (we don't go to the middle of it for fear of walking on the actual site of the central part of the Holy Temples without proper purification) will typically pause directly east of the Dome of the Rock and pray.

It happened on Sunday during the fast of the 17th of Tammuz, which commemorates the breaching of the walls around Jerusalem by the Romans:

This appears to be a different group on Sunday, with an Arab making a video of the Jews from fairly close up:

This is all amazing. Quietly, Jews are finally being allowed their human rights to pray on their holiest spot.

It looks like these are usually happening during the afternoon tours of the Temple Mount.

More people should take advantage of this.

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