Tuesday, July 23, 2019

First world problems in Gaza: Chalet pools not properly chlorinated

Recently, the Department of Preventive Health in Gaza City launched a campaign to test the swimming pools  in public and private chalets to ensure that they comply with health and safety standards.

The head of department Mohammed Al-Ashi said that the campaign is being carried out around about 50 chalets within the city.

He explained that special equipment will be installed for each chalet, which will monitor the water quality, the chlorination system used in the swimming pools, and compliance with the technical safety conditions such as non slip flooring around the swimming pool to prevent slipping and a first aid box available at the chalet.

It looks like this came as a response to an investigative report from Palestine Today where it was revealed that many chalet owners are not properly chlorinating their water in the pools.

This is clearly a humanitarian crisis. I'm surprised the UN hasn't weighed in yet.

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